Lonely Pebble: A Poem

I was a boulder once. Chipped from better stones, but young many balanced upon my broad crags the storms lashed me the winds scoured me and I laughed for I thought they carved nothing. In time the mountain shifted and I soared until I fell and broke near the riverbed. I laughed for I thought […]


Analogue Ruins Returning Soon!

Hello, seekers dear! The title gives the news away. On the one hand, I worry that two months will seem too short given the dramatic emotions I expressed back in January. On the other, well, I wrote as I did because I genuinely didn’t know how long it would take to heal myself and correct […]

My Corruption

Hello, oh seekers mine. I’ve something special for you all today. Special, and deeply personal. You may remember that last year, I published both a final skeleton for Vulshiir, a demonic language, and the larval form of what I then called my Recitations. A single page, then. I’ve since tried a few different names for […]

Paradise Rots

“I know what you did.” In a labyrinth of dark stone halls studded by crystal ribs fused with igneous ceilings, a pair of horned things stand opposite each other. One ash-grey with a sweep of orange hair and blood-red fire, the other bronze, glittering, covered in slit-orifices with serrated chitin-bands on her neck and limbs. […]