–Outgoing Transmission: Lambent Halcyon
–Transmission Accepted
–You offer further musings, Phasewhisper?
–Affirmative. Seeing a certain pattern now. Started with seeing people like this profane the arts they loved, didn’t it? Yet, I’m also feeling… jealousy. Must’ve stung beyond all reason, seeing someone do something they loved so poorly, yet be rewarded better than those who did it well.
–Indeed. A mirthless irony; spite for such poor work makes one, well, spiteful. A likable incompetent, worthy or no, often makes more friends than a caustic perfectionist.
–Are you an expert on that, Lambent?
–Ha! The mortal wields a quick wit; you delight me, Phasewhisper. How might I answer, save that I am an expert on many things? Finish this one.
–Lambent, orders confirmed.


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