Idle Musings: Things I’ve Said That Desperately Need Context and Have None, #1

Sometimes I say (or type) the most fascinating, bizarre, or simply awful things. This is a selection from those things.

 “I am sorry for my book-sins.”
“McCurdy’s First Law of Worldbuilding: When writing depravity, anything so awful it provokes a physical reaction against putting it into the world, must go into the world.”
“I am replacing all instances of ‘makeup’ with ‘pigment’ for tonal purposes.”
“Rowling used magic to infuse a world with wonder. I will use it to introduce line-infantry warfare.”
“‘Spegun’ is such a derpy name for a killing implement. It’s perfect. Truly perfect.”
“The ultramarine and silver plot-rock will become the black and scarlet plot-rock.”
“Hiss hiss motherfucker.”
“Talent is well-known to be hereditary!”
“(Redacted)’s life is established and then, in true high fantasy fashion, promptly obliterated.”
“Otherwise, same general streamlining as before.”
“New depressing lore…”
“Significant streamlining–”
“–a healthy amount of streamlining–”
“As before, general streamlining.”
“Shitty people are still good at doing things, you just hate them for it.”
“And of course, my new favorite word, STREAMLINING.”
“Prose has been streamlined–”
“A few unnecessary exchanges axed and lots of STREAMLINING.”
“Streamlining was the main thing here.”
“I think I hear my innocence screaming. Where did I put that pillow?”
“I should probably mention really important worldbuilding details–”
“Some streamlining here and there–”
“Streamlining abounds–”
“Pure streamlining for this–“
“It’s going to be a trainwreck regardless, but let’s make sure it’s a deliberate trainwreck.”

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