Regarding Canno: The Ton-Ga Knifestail

The Ton naturalist Jihao often said, “When death visits the Bogs, she stalks legless.” He spoke, of course, of the Knifestail. While there are five regional species and dozens of sub-species, the classic (and largest) Knifestail is native to the northern Ton-Ga bogs. They’re especially dense in the territory of Houses Lin and Sairo. Extraordinarily […]


Canno: The Sleepless Vigil

“You are not the hero.  Tens of millions of people on this planet surpass you in every art of arms and spellcraft at this exact moment. Destiny will not assure your victory. No god’s merciful hand will raise you up from your mistakes. Your bedmates will not be long-lost royalty, but the reek of iron, […]

Art Gallery: The Rebootana

And here it is: the product of a moment’s mad inspiration and dozens of hours of modeling, texturing, and artistic suffering: the Rebootana. Which is actually an odachi. Enough of my nonsense pedantry, though! I hope you enjoy this 360 art gallery of obscenely high-resolution sword renders. The blade in particular is by far the most […]

Whispers of the Starkin: Ruinous Words and Peculiar Customs

(The following material is intended only for SolFed military personnel with Class 9-10 Clearance, or those presently working on Project Precursor. If for whatever reason you have viewed this material, whether accidentally or otherwise, without said clearance, submit yourself immediately to your nearest Data Oversight Center for immediate memory scrubbing. Failure to do so will […]

The Heck Just Happened With All Those Posts?

Hello, blog faithful! Before I (finally) get to my morning sword practice (at, the, er, beginning of the afternoon), I felt I owed everyone a quick explanation. I posted a short story recently. Some of you may have seen it. It represents significant emotional investment, a good chunk of time, and ungodly amounts of thinking […]

I Was Told I Might Annoy You: A Poem

(This is my other “most personal poem ever.” It represents my best effort at the time to fully express what it’s like living with Autism, and all the other psychological foibles I’ve developed through my life experiences.) I was told I might annoy you By North I begin confusing you. I’ve talked myself down a winding […]

A Cosmology Based Purely On Flavors

One morning, at the behest of my friends and as a writerly experiment to see if my whim could work, I went on a hypercaffeination bender and drafted the following. I now provide a portion of this madness to you, my readers, for… some twisted reason. Enjoy! On the Celestial Concocting and the Creation of […]

The Riven Dreams of a Crazed Web-Writer, #4

(Night of April 4–Morning of April 5th) This one opens in sinister fashion for us: we (yes, we; this dream heavily implied a group thing, which is rare for my dreams) discover we are The Bad Guys(TM): the malicious forces of the Third Reich preparing to assault the peaceful city of Amsterdam, which… which is… […]