Idle Musings: Strangely Approachable Alien Overlords

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my periodic Whispers of the Starkin posts. I mean, entirely too much fun. There’s something deeply compelling for me about the idea of a vastly powerful alien species which, erm… actually functioned as a vastly powerful alien species.

Considering this, it strikes me as deeply silly that so many popular depictions of aliens settle for the most obvious interpretation of the term: they’re species from planets other than Earth, and they look weird. To be fair, that interpretation worked well enough early on.When aliens first started gaining media traction, when sci-fi first took the public eye, it was enough for them just to be weird and a little unearthly.

Most of the time, anyway.

But now? Now we’ve got aliens out the wazoo. We’ve got more big-headed, huge-eyed, terribly unimpressive Roswellian stereotypes than I can count. Even doing this for tongue-in-cheek purposes has lost its luster, we’ve just got too many of them floating around. We’ve got the totally-not-orcs warrior aliens and the inexplicably human-like (but blue!) aliens. We’ve got legions upon legions of assimilating robotic aliens and swarming hive-mind critters.

We’ve got just about every conceivable form of alien except ones which are actually still alien. And I’m not saying I’m particularly far ahead of the curve just for ripping off Lovecraft more intensively than average.

But… it’s a start, right?


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