Whispers of the Starkin: Director Firoux’s Journal, Physical Entry #2

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June 17th, 3909:

Specialist Illowen now KIA seven hours after returning to Earth. Just told via SolCom she waited until the London Council of Elders gathered around and shrieked the killing phrase at the top of her lungs. Three hundred dead total throughout meeting center, including all forty-two elders. Luminescence Tirevel survived, was delayed by car breakdown; not even trying to say it’s my fault. Federal Bureau of Information attempting damage control. Best of luck to them.

I warned them. I warned them a hundred times only to have expendable personnel debrief her. They didn’t listen. Didn’t even have a sound-proofed response team on hand, like I advised. Pretentious. Always pretentious. Serves them right.  Reports indcate inicte fucking indicate that Illowen repeated her behavior from the June 2nd incident. No response team to stop her; response team busy copying it. Women hearing the phrase ritually tore out their uteruses; used bare hands if no knives available. Men castrated themselves. Why? (The next few words are mostly scratched out) ir mthe’ si

Illowen gave only clue: “Their disdain-wreaking’s afterbirth, filth-daughter to servants who pretended mastery.” Precursor effect seems linked to procreation somehow. Emphasis on children? Why?

Their influence worsening. Thought patterns getting inconsistent. Can’t help but be tempted by the insights this offers. Influence wants me to believe elves deserved to die. Specialist Kardin stubbed his toe earlier, had a brief fantasy about him falling on his own ax. Why? Precursor artifacts too old for radiometric dating, humans generally accepted to have brought first mythology to life ca. 13K B.C. Generalized hatred of the arcane?

So much violence. Everything about Precursors, violent. Odd thought: Child fills a bucket with water for flowers, but child doesn’t know how little water flowers need. Drowns them, and all the insects living under them. What does it

Report coming in from Io dig site. The imbecile. The stupid, selfish, arrogant little imbecile. She found one of their weapons.

Have to draft report to Rhetta, now. Report about Io.

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