Idle Musings: Pop Culture Iaijutsu Works Backwards

I must preface my observations by saying I don’t have a terribly in-depth knowledge of anime or anime-based live action adaptations. If I am unfair, I am not deliberately so. That said:

Spiky-haired youth-appeal protagonist goes to draw his katana for nukitsuke. It is a standard length katana; in Europe its blade is shorter than those of many arming swords, which are easily wielded one-handed for extended periods with a shield in the off hand.

Youth-appeal is not aware that shields exist, but I digress.

He winds up all the way around his body and holds his hand above the sword’s grip for entirely too long as if it’s a metaphor for the female childhood/best friend he’s in love with who we all know he’ll end up with by the end of the series, but I digress.

Finally, he draws this perfectly-average length sword in a broad, sweeping cut all the way around his body.

His opponent, the improbably thin man with superior hair, an Odachi, and a snide tenor voice with which he constantly monologues about how he needs to be a better swordsman while clearly being the best swordsman already, twitches his fingers. His Odachi, a glorious six-foot monstrosity which might be too big even for a sword whose primary merit is being big, practically warps out of its scabbard and smacks youth-appeal’s katana away.

Now, I’m concerned this may be a highly advanced martial arts principle most of you won’t be able to grasp, but generally speaking, the size of a weapon dictates the size of the techniques you perform with it.

What I’m saying is that Odachiman and youth-appeal have their movesets reversed, and should probably swap. Except, of course, that if Odachiman is able to manipulate his vastly larger sword at higher speed just with his fingers, then actually using his whole body will cause him to win the fight instantly. And god forbid he use two hands to wield his two-handed sword, he’d probably kill the series’ final boss by accident with that much power.

Anyway, anime fights are generally awesome and I appreciate them. Where were we going with this, again?


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