Keyboard Warrior: A Poem

The character is the best thing done to Star Wars,
I insist you’re wrong,
and further suggest
you read the writing on the wall
of my barricade, grafted slope to slope
upon this mound of butchered fanfiction:
it says
“Immaculate hill,
Upon your wondrous rugged height
I embrace the void”
A true fan knows everything about Legends
that I agree with is right.
If pandering means giving people their desire
then art must be kicking them in the groin.
you weren’t meant to kick me.
You demonstrate the cancer
eating away our debate;
the things I say
refer to other people.
Anyway, you’re no true fan,
and I’ll be too busy enjoying,
no one asked you to start this.

The plot is the worst thing done to Star Wars,
I insist


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