–Transmission Outgoing
–Transmission Accepted
–Lambent, query: Why this one? I understand many of the others. The acidity, the pain, the hatred. And then, especially, the ones that come too close to the Truth. I know why we erase those. Why this one?
–Because, sometimes, to preserve a moment’s spirit, we must obscure its details. What would you say defines a mortal dream? Clarity? Or perhaps, something that transcends crystallized words and rationalist oratory. Words achieve their greatest power when their structure sings harmony with their subject. Today, we erase only the unnecessary; and, as with any dream, those who seek the answer must dig deeper for it–the more to prize it if found.–
–Hellfires, Lambent. It must be exhausting to think like this all the time.
–Not really; it suits my nature. Finish and exfiltrate, Condemnator.
–Phasewhisper confirms.


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