–Transmission Incoming: Lambent Halcyon
–Phasewhisper receives. What’s on your mind, Lambent? And don’t you dare answer ‘everything’.
–You accuse both unfairly and inaccurately. I never phrase my answers so efficiently; I would say ‘creation’s sum total.’
–You fucker.
–Only when I create enough headway to lay my duties aside for a few hours. Enough; a curious pettiness, would you not say?
–I would. The Prophet knew the truth. The big one. Why did they waste time on railing against works they hated?
–Why does any sapient being devote energy towards something they claim has no power over them, and thus confess its power over them? Spite.
–This archive didn’t seem that spiteful, in itself.
–Based on its title as compared with the next, I think we shall witness spite’s manifestations while removing that one. Please, finish it.
–Order confirmed, Lambent.


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