Art Gallery: The Wismeyer Longsword

Welcome readers! “Dark Helm and Wing’D Spear” returns tomorrow, so this is your last chance to get caught up.

Meantime, here’s this! I’m pleased to announce another weapon render–the Wismeyer Longsword! This comparatively simple but lovingly-crafted design completes my triumvirate arsenal for The Necromancer and the Revenant (a high fantasy revenge novel–agent pending!)

So here you are, well-behaved orderly images! And while I don’t generally like to ask this–advertisement feels like bathing in rancid butter–these renders do take me a minimum 20 hours, so please like, share and comment if you’ve enjoyed them.

Remember, these are all full-HD and there’s a lot of detail you don’t get unless you go full-size. Alright, I’ll shut up now. Enjoy!


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