Idle Musings: Things I’ve Said That Desperately Need Context and Have None, #2

Sometimes I say (or type) the most fascinating, bizarre, or simply awful things. This is the second selection from those things.

“At least I don’t have Roose Bolton’s lips.”
“The Official McCurdiverse Advisory Team Greeting is now ‘Blork.'”
“You cannot call all of your employees ‘Shitbird Mountain’ and pay them in leftover Halloween candy.”
“–milking the gore–”
“I propose outliners be renamed ‘Plot Strategists’ and non-outliners be called ‘Pageblazers.’
“I figure it should be easier now that I’ve become comfortable with something actually intended to kill people.”
“It’s not tragic so much as disappointing.”
“When the raven beseeches the lark, equilibrium’s twilight will dawn.”
“Stupidity is an ouroboros that gives birth even as it eats.”
“I don’t dislike phallic metaphors, I just think swords are aesthetically superior to dicks.”
“Scabbard not yet included.”
“Feast your eyes on this terrible human!”
“…deep lore incoming…”
“…further text-bashing…”
“…from here on I’m going to start holding back my A-tier lore for security reasons.”
“…introducing the primary antagonist for Book 2, a sapient death machine…”
“To celebrate, I will have a shower and a protein shake before I pass out.”
“…a horrendously misguided human attempt to understand powers that cannot be understood.”
“I can feel the headset pressing into my scalp again.”
“This is to avoid the creation of a Space-Time Roast Deficit Paradox which could render the entire universe sleepy and awkward for the rest of eternity.”

“The transcendence of the vernal mountains begets the husk-moon’s guile.”


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