–DATA EXPURGATED– –Transmission Incoming: Lambent Halcyon –Phasewhisper acknowledges. So, it goes this far back? –Most likely further; the Prophet’s sight likely manifested as truth-portions too diffuse and diluted to recognize for their true nature. In short, classical visions with hooks just formed enough to draw reality behind them. –All that lore and no one to […]

Edgelords — A Poem

When we say “I work alone” remember how many grimdark swordfighters and half-demon, half-angels and extremely non-sparkly vampires all say “I work alone” and realize: there’s so much space to fill so we must spread out hoping we turn the next wave back. And most of you degrease after your teens, find jobs, find love, […]

Aemani — A Poem

All your eyes pursue the same folly gazing upon stars, wishing for hands to touch them–then touch, and burn yourselves to cinders! For we wait ancient and undying and such dreadful wrath we nurse. Patience dies the slowest death but still it dies in time, and time– tell Milton stars make poor attire and poets […]

Northwind Howling — A Poem

I adore frigid winters, the gusts pure and keen upon shy skin. Summer and I became estranged long ago. Beaches felt too warm the moment I realized humanity loves them. I feel that moment’s grain, wrong and inevitable like a dagger-blade upon my thigh, digging through strands for some harsher truth. If a heart thrives […]