–Transmission Incoming: Lambent Halcyon
–Phasewhisper acknowledges. So, it goes this far back?
–Most likely further; the Prophet’s sight likely manifested as truth-portions too diffuse and diluted to recognize for their true nature. In short, classical visions with hooks just formed enough to draw reality behind them.
–All that lore and no one to learn it. Must’ve gnawed their mind horribly.
–Doubtless. Still, if it salved naught else, at least the solitude let the Prophet refine their sight.
–Maybe that makes sense for your breed, Lambent. My experience has been that lonely people aren’t rewarded for using their loneliness to grow. They’re abandoned either way.
–An injustice, yes; let its memory fuel you.
–Fair advice. Going to close this one.


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