National Novel Writing Month: I’m Participating, But Not In the Intended Manner

Starting tomorrow, a sizable portion of novelists will heed the web-whistle and charge out of the trenches into a month-long slog against tiredness, daily life and work constraints, and family members telling them to get a real job (or alternatively, get a better real job). The goal: write a 50,000-word manuscript by the end of […]


Chronicles of the Dice-Lords: The Woman From Danaster

Within a distant universe, at the furthest reaches of the tabletop gaming community, a loose confederation of rogue entities have come together to hold sway over a mysterious universal cluster. At the roll of a die, they decide the fates of sword-masters and sorcerers, of princes and prostitutes. These are the Chronicles of the Dice-Lords, […]

Why I Write Fantasy The Way I Do

Twitter recently brought a certain Ana Marie Cox’s article to my attention–that would be this one here. It was difficult for me to parse this, because many of the same factors that drove Ana back to conventional fantasy drove me away from it. How the hell does that work? Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s a […]