The Necromancer and the Revenant: Here We Go Again

That’s right, readers, I’m continuing work on The Necromancer and the Revenant with nothing less than V3 of the book! This is the most comprehensive round of developmental edits since, well, V2. I’m axing the prologue entirely (it’ll reappear later as a lore document, so those who liked it: don’t worry, others can still enjoy what you enjoyed), completely reworking the second chapter into two chapters for myriad reasons, changing the second act on numerous levels right through to the finale, and still doing all that other stuff I promised I’d do in the previous updates post.

Yes, that includes the full-bore erotica I mentioned. I see no indication that any agents mean to bite, and if I’m going to self-publish this sucker, then by golly I’m going to do it lewd.

You may be thinking this sounds like far more work than I mentioned a month or so back. Hey, guess what, you’re completely right! Which means, unfortunately, that this here blog o’mine needs must simmer on the back-burner until it’s done. To meet my self-imposed deadline, V3 needs all the time I can spare from script-reading. As stated before, my intention is to finish V3 and self-publish it come the end of June–that is, right around the 23rd or so just in case an agent I queried recently decides they want in on this after all.

Do I believe any agents will have a change of heart at this stage? No. No, I do not. But as a professional courtesy, I still want to keep the window open until they’ve had the full eight weeks to respond.

In the meantime, I’ll post the significantly-revamped teaser material from the up-to-date Chapter One this Tuesday, so those who haven’t seen it will be able to experience it for the first time, and those who have can see how much it’s changed. Spoilers: Divari has a personality now. I think you’ll like it. Otherwise, that briefing document will reappear at a later date once I’ve had time to tweak it.

Anyway, happy Sunday to all, and back to work for me!


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