The Necromancer and the Revenant–Version Three Completed!

I undertook an exhausting journey to reach this point, and as I’ve just completed that journey (around 8:45 PM EST!) I won’t be writing much here tonight.

For now, suffice to say that The Necromancer and the Revenant is finished. Characters warped and mutated, plotlines merged and reappeared, heroes became anti-heroes, and Gratai’s height fluctuated madly both within the text and outside it–the overall trend being, shall we say, an upward one?

God damn it, this was grueling–fulfilling, but grueling! I’ll not apologize for one atrocious height-pun!

Perhaps inevitably, the book’s sprawled out from the prior 115,500 word version. When I set out to write V3, I anticipated adding fifteen or, at the absolute maximum, twenty-thousand words. As of this moment, The Necromancer and the Revenant’s final major revision, either its 19th or its 20th depending (I lost a few versions to USB failure) is a hefty 166,036 words. In practical terms I likely wrote closer to sixty or even seventy thousand new words, since in addition to all-new material I completely retooled numerous scenes.

Accounting for around two weeks’ total writing time (I didn’t work on the book at several points throughout this month), that means I’ve also crushed NaNoWriMo in spirit thought not in technical terms. As we’re talking creative writing, it’s the spirit that counts, and I look forward to feasting on your collective torment come November while I kick back with a Riesling or ten!

(Actually I want to try and push Loremageddon again, but only if this book does well enough to get some eyes on said lore)

Line editing may trim that portentous mass down somewhat, but I’m a far more efficient writer in general than I was when I started, so I don’t expect too many down-ticks. It’s my opinion that V3 truly delivers my book’s best form. Every character within my ensemble cast has time to shine and develop, the villain takes a far more prominent role, and I filled in countless little details throughout.

This raises the peculiar idea that all those rejections might ultimately have served The Necromancer and the Revenant better–I realize now that my strain arose from trying to tell a story within 130,000 words or less that I simply couldn’t execute to the quality I desire within that space.

So, as I said, line-editing, then e-book formatting, and I’ll have to try my hand at cover design–I’m thinking something minimalist and stylized that I have a layman’s chance in a laboratory of pulling off well. For you folks, well, I think it might be time to meet the protagonist.

For now? For now it’s time to take a damn break!


2 thoughts on “The Necromancer and the Revenant–Version Three Completed!

    1. Thanks Jasne, and greatly appreciated–it’s been a good on so far. Back to work tomorrow, of course.

      I’ve been enjoying At War’s Edge so far–keep up the good work!

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