–Transmission Outgoing: Lambent Halcyon–
–Transmission Accepted
–This was it, wasn’t it, Lambent? The moment it all fell apart. The archives after this were just… last breaths. Given to pretend a life the Prophet knew they’d soon end.
–Unless I am entirely mistaken, yes.
–Is that all we are? One last attempt to share a vision no one wanted to see?
–I cannot decide that for you, little one. What do you believe you are?
–A man with a job worth doing and the power to do it.
–Then, as long as you make your belief true by your actions, does it matter what the Prophet intended?
–No. I suppose it doesn’t. Still… I find it hard to feel any triumph. It’s like I’m taking one more thing from them.
–Perhaps. Perhaps, instead, you give them something they never knew they needed, and so could not ask for.
–I suppose that could be so. We’ll just have to find out together, then, won’t we?
–Just so. Please, close this one. I confess that it saddens me as well.


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