Twin Vipers, Still We Fight– Lyrics for a Prospective Character Theme

Hello everyone! I’m still very much alive, just badly out of rhythm in the aftermath of a move and struggling to get much of anything written… er… that I can actually share.

I did write up some great lore but unfortunately all of it’s tied to significant in-universe reveals, so I can’t share that with you as yet. However, this entire song (and an associated tune I sadly have no way to compose) popped into my head while napping an hour ago, and it’s abstract enough that it’s not spoiling anything.

This piece serves as a shared theme song for two characters I hope to introduce to you all, eventually.


Twin Vipers, still we fight
in the bitter depths of night,
still we sing to greet the new day
though the sun’s long fled from sight.

Still we wander, still we wonder
where the glory days went wrong
still we seek the blue-wrought lightning
and in shadow we grow strong.

Though the friends we knew have vanished
and my love was never known
though it’s all defeat and sorrow
though we lost faith long ago–

For the forlorn and the broken
for the dreamer’s lingering hope,
for the last souls on the brink
the final searchers on the road,

Maybe this time, maybe this stroke
we’ll forge the shattered world anew
maybe this time we’ll cleave further
carve a path to something true.

Twin Vipers, Zeal we kindle
to replace the fallen stars,
Twin Vipers, still defiant
with a war-hymn in our hearts.

On the Void’s event horizon
we’ll bring forth a cobalt dawn
maybe this time change the future
and redeem the ages gone…


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