The Big Ol’ Pivot

Hello friends! It’s been pretty quiet here for the last few weeks, no? I meant what I said in my previous post–I’m doing just fine emotionally! So, why the quiet?

Well, one principle reason is that I’ve been chosen as the DM for an upcoming DnD campaign, and there’s good reason to believe it’ll become a series thereof. In a professional, paid capacity, I should clarify! I’ve gotten the go-ahead to set these campaigns on my preexisting setting of Creation’s Fringe. Thus, it’s the first time I’ve been hired in part specifically for my writing, which I’m ecstatic about.

The psychological impact has been… profound. And by “profound”, I mean that I’m plunging right back into project mode. In tandem with what I wrote in the most recent Salients of a Broken Mind, it probably won’t surprise many of you to hear this: I’m shifting this blog away from its previous emphasis on writing advice. That doesn’t mean I’m no longer going to write analytical and craft articles! However, I do feel that I’ve started running out of topics I’m passionate about on this count.

From here on in, you can expect that when I do post–which may also be less frequent–I’ll be focusing far more on my own creative writing. By this I mean predominantly my serial stories and lore articles as well as the odd poem or character profile; probably more poems than profiles, since so far those haven’t done too well.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I wrote a number of lore details into Taver’s character profile that I later realized I would rather keep under wraps, so the low exposure there works in my favor.

Fringe Elements isn’t on hold or anything, I’ve just been so busy with campaign prep (which includes oodles of tasty, tasty lore that I’m unfortunately not going to share here for a looooong time) and other projects that I haven’t gotten around to the next episode. Those of you following the series have likely noted that the tide behaves pretty strangely where Cadence and co. are traveling… I wonder if that’ll become a point of concern soon?

Is it still foreshadowing if it comes outside the main text?

I’m not even sure if the original readers are still actively following me (are any of you distinguished enough to remember when this was Musings of a Non-Sparkly Aspergian? Claim your cred in the comments!) so it’s difficult to gauge how much this will mean for any of you, but: Bird’s Eye View is coming back!

For the uninitiated (which will definitely be most of you), Bird’s Eye View is a future-fantasy serial following the sniper Peregrine, his cyborg-infiltrator pal Washi, and the other elite mercenaries of the Raptors on a high-stakes mission into the middle of a war on the miserable lost colony called Savar. It’s set in the core physical part of the Twin Spirals universe, but I won’t say anything more than that about its place in my cosmology because Savar has its own mysteries to unfold.

If any of you remember the previous run, I’ll start by republishing the older episodes, but I’ll be doing considerable touch-ups and revision where necessary to bring them in line with my new standards. There’ll also be one or two short-term retcons for some major worldbuilding points that I don’t think I handled well at the time–Savar was one of the first times that my own worldbuilding truly clicked for me, and I wasn’t prepared to control the enthusiasm that created in an episodic context. My enthusiasm remains, but will now be tempered with discipline.

Anyway, if you’re just here for craft articles, those will still show up from time to time, but not on any set schedule. The good news is that when I do write one, it’ll be on a subject I love to write about, and that should make things more enjoyable for everyone.

Stick around, readers mine, for I’ve many stories to tell you now!

Since this is an update article, it’s a prime time to give me any particular thoughts of yours in the comments. If you’re excited about these plans… well, I don’t know about sharing this particular post with your friends. “Hey, Todd, you have to read this update and announcement post!” I won’t stop you if you want to. No judgment here. Yes, that’s right, do my marketing for me you miserable mind-pawns.

Instead, may I suggest reading the first three episodes of “Fringe Elements” if you haven’t already? I freely admit I’m not sure where it’s headed yet, but there’s already a bunch of alien flora and fauna and a bit of the old ultra-violence.

Cadence is a Tundra Chaplain. We may only be three episodes in, but it’s already stopped being spoilers to state that wherever they go, Death will be working overtime. (Yes, of course that’s edgy. Edgy is fun sometimes!)

Otherwise, you can always follow me on Twitter for my day-to-day musings, and if you’re recently arrived from somewhere other than Twitter and wondering if there’s a place you can buy my fully-polished writing as one of them old-timey novel whatchacallits, The Necromancer and the Revenant, my first novel, is available on Smashwords!


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