Loremageddon 2019, Day Thirty: Planelords, Lost Mythologies, Faded History

We’re here at last: Day Thirty, the final day, the last post of Loremageddon 2019! And, in appropriate fashion to this closing hour, I’m focusing on lore itself as it exists within the Twin Spirals. First we’ll do a brief rundown of Canno’s Planelords, but then it’s into all manner of lost and disappearing knowledge. […]


Loremageddon 2019, Day Twenty-Eight: Keronje, Albin Dant, the Halebeak Corsairs

Hello, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to Day Twenty-Eight of Loremageddon! I could’ve tried to theme this post accordingly, but that just seemed silly. Instead, we’ve got a category of spirits known for hanging out around mystics, a famously-charismatic necromancer, and a group of ocean-going rapscallions with their own agenda. If you’ll bear with me? […]

Loremageddon 2019, Day Twenty-One: Divine Servants, Havener Dueling Etiquette, the Omniscope

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Day Twenty-One; we’re inching our way towards a week left in Loremageddon, can you believe that? Time flies when you’re dealing with eldritch horrors that completely undo our understanding of the cosmos–anyway, today we’re looking at lighter fare: some of the workings and lore of Divine Servants, the exact customs behind […]