Loremageddon 2019, Day Twenty-Eight: Keronje, Albin Dant, the Halebeak Corsairs

Hello, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome to Day Twenty-Eight of Loremageddon! I could’ve tried to theme this post accordingly, but that just seemed silly. Instead, we’ve got a category of spirits known for hanging out around mystics, a famously-charismatic necromancer, and a group of ocean-going rapscallions with their own agenda. If you’ll bear with me? […]

Loremageddon 2019, Day Twenty-One: Divine Servants, Havener Dueling Etiquette, the Omniscope

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Day Twenty-One; we’re inching our way towards a week left in Loremageddon, can you believe that? Time flies when you’re dealing with eldritch horrors that completely undo our understanding of the cosmos–anyway, today we’re looking at lighter fare: some of the workings and lore of Divine Servants, the exact customs behind […]