Loremageddon 2019: The Archival Nexus

As promised, readers mine, here’s the all-encompassing post for every single Loremageddon entry completed over the past month.  In years to come I’ll establish a page which in turn organizes all these nexus-posts by year. It should make for quiet the font-reliquary, no?

Anyway, I hope you all find this helpful, and that you’ve been intrigued enough in the Twin Spirals universe to keep up with the many stories I have to tell in it. For now? I’m taking the next week off from writing on the blog. Guard this lore well, my friends!

Day One: Eiltisch, the Rotary Catapult, and the Coyetta Republic

Day Two: the Loar, the Warlocks’ Brotherhood, and Shepla

Day Three: Hanirid Festivals, A Kiwodan Martial Art, Kechutsk Commune

Day Four: an Ilbaret Dance, Tame Sharks, the Ulmish Arc-Signal

Day Five: Blood Aspirants, Foldnose Brew, Asertins

Day Six: Teman Slant-Ships and the Playwright Droven

Day Seven: the Barrow-Lull, Demons as Lovers, Laprani Adelop

Day Eight: the Iron Electorate, the Cobalt Immortals, Frost Sentinels

Day Nine: Asymmetrism and the Cyclical Glamor

Day Ten: the Marrow-Mangled, Arcanatech, Vampiric Lineages

Day Eleven: Kijnep Poetry, Vestigials, the Riven Sea

Day Twelve: Psionics, Channeling, Spiritual Possession

Day Thirteen: Tlapract the Sage, the Bitter Sibs, War-Adherents

Day Fourteen: Arcane Prosthetics, the Southern Ton, Separs

Day Fifteen: The Steel End, the Disciples of Hosri, the Lokt Biar Badlands

Day Sixteen: Voyagers, the High Mandate, Fringe Cartography

Day Seventeen: The Artificer, Undead Society, Canno’s Isolation

Day Eighteen: Three Queens, the Planar Hierarchy, Unaligned Demons

Day Nineteen: Shard Vellica, the Cleavehull Sea, the Knotkeepers

Day Twenty: the Scarplands, Sadem, Marrow-Shades

Day Twenty-One: Divine Servants, Havener Dueling Etiquette, the Omniscope

Day Twenty-Two: The Fringe’s Continents, Seers, War Demons

Day Twenty-Three: Yamakuri, the Watchers, Fringe Phenomena

Day Twenty-Four: Arcane Communications, Changing Life-States, Tangientialist Philosophy

Day Twenty-Five: Eldritch Cuisine, the Craftwarren, Atheists

Day Twenty-Six: Spellmavens, Schielmanckers, Phantom Reliquaries

Day Twenty-Seven: Enchantment, Arcane Entertainment, Shapeshifting

Day Twenty-Eight: Keronje, Albin Dant, the Halebeak Corsairs

Day Twenty-Nine: Eldritch Pacts, Bleak Marches, Planar Beings

Day Thirty: Planelords, Lost Mythologies, Faded History

Goodness, that all looks rather intimidating when it’s lined up that way, doesn’t it? I won’t be doing an exact tally because that feels too much like work and Loremageddon is formally over for the year, but between the material posted on the blog and a much larger amount written behind the scenes, I estimate I’m comfortably close to 100,000 words this month. I’m also quite burned out, so if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a week-long break!


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