Coming Out

Another chibi from my dear friend BunChata. Again, most appropriate to the spirit of this post.

Four days ago (less a few hours), I posted an advice article titled simply, Writing Female Characters, Take Two. That seems to have gone over well; however, as of today I had to go back and update it with an extra disclaimer at the start.

And believe me, the irony of having waited until some time after International Women’s Day for both of these posts is not lost on me. I write and release my work in its own time; serendipitous release dates are fun when I can get them, but scrambling to meet them is foolishness.

Which, I believe, constitutes my first official motherly advice on the blog. When I wrote the most recent Salients of a Broken Mind all the way back in August of last year, I said that the person who stood up at the end of my final, most desperate suicidal episode was not the same who entered it. This was truer than I was prepared to publicly reveal at the time.

Long story short (ha, as if I’ve ever done that), this is my public coming out: I am a trans woman. Much of my sabbatical in the lattermost quarter of last year was needed to determine whether this was really what I wanted, and what it was going to look like.

In the long term, I’m going Goth, which choice of subculture should surprise exactly zero of you (I’m not changing the blog’s aesthetic, though, I still like the color balance here). I’ve always loved the stereotype vampire-chic form of Goth, so that’s the goal. Creepy old mansion in a deep, overtly eldritch forest, outdated speech patterns, Elder God in my basement–You grasp the notion, yes?

In the short term, I need to replenish my savings and focus on my work some more, so my room for self-expression is, er, limited. Thank goodness for online personas, no?

In the future, I will be publishing my books under my preferred name as Caerllyn McCurdy. I think that’s it, honestly–you can expect far more lameness from me as I abandon any effort not to sound like a Victorian matron transplanted into the modern era (let’s be frank, my darlings, there was precious little of that anyway). Otherwise, I promise the same mix of edginess and writing advice as ever. Ta-ta for now!


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