The Ordering of All Things

Much debate elapsed among the disparate Twelve. By telepathic surges of raw intent, emotion, and implication, they postured, bellowed and haggled over what They desired. They feuded over the globular potential condensed within the languid pinpoint that hovered equidistant between Them in the infinite roiling maelstrom before all things began. After immeasurable discourse during which They flensed many an impositioning psyche for its imagined over-closeness with the prize, They reached the first agreement.

They must ensure that the newborn existence sprung forth from the morass spawned and sustained more than abject chaos. This would, all agreed, shortly leave Them with little better satisfaction than the sluggard pinpoint itself. Besides this Their unmatched power, when funneled into their natural urges, would doubtless afford all the mirthful devastation conceivable.

Thus Their new order must diverge somewhat from Their inborn character. Their orgiastic smiting would lack meaning if the resulting wreck achieved no conceptual mutation from the gaseous, formless amalgam it supplanted.

Twelve minds shortly howled with derision, overperformed mirth, and one futile argument after another. For now that They agreed upon the base notion of grand guiding laws for the emergent design, so many approaches manifested in Their limitless comprehension that any future agreement seemed stillborn. One proposed that the new undertaking’s underlying law should depend upon a tendril-form substance continuum that gave form and adapted by many threads combining and recombining.

The others promptly condemned this as overwrought. And in any case, would it not lead into many dreary sub-rules about the exact proportional and dimensional limits for each tendril?

Similar reasoning ripped asunder a proposed overlapping lenticular model. This said, the Twelve agreed that They found the imagined cross-section pleasing in all its extrapolated aspects. They might do much with it as a macro-expression of whatever base structure They finally agreed upon.

The discourse waxed and waned with no hope for resolution until One deftly lanced the calumny’s root. Why, They suggested, was it necessary that the entire resultant entity obey the invented paradigm? They must assume that some few among the other psyches that emerged sometimes from the primordial nothing would, after extraordinary time-lengths, attain enough power to rival Their own, or at least defy the imposed rules on a minute and localized level. As They presently lacked any substantive space through which such worthy adversaries might be perceived, these entities might even exist already. This freedom could not be eradicated from the design, nor should it be, since leading on, contending and ultimately annihilating the pitiful pretenders would clearly provide countless eternities of entertainment.

The conveyor’s peers attended Their arguments keenly. After some further discussion and a few especially grudging holdouts, all acknowledged it for sound. Emboldened by the rising regard of Their eleven peers, this One proposed Their latest framework. They envisioned a simple base model where the forth-springing realm’s greater portions might diffuse under random elements from the whole cosmic order. Some might exempt this force, others that constraining physical law.

This hybrid structure further allowed that each among the Twelve might govern Their own dominions by whatever additions, amendments, and annulments upon the framework They saw fit. Best yet, in doing so They would acquire a truly worthy way to impress Their unconquerable perfection on the lesser beings inhabiting Their creation.

This precept found as tantalizing as hoped, the One expressed many ideas about a simple underlying structure. On the one hand, an essence They called ‘matter’, which would serve as the underpinning, the medium, upon which the various energies and forces They invented would express themselves. This matter would subdivide at the smallest level into three components with differing sizes and properties. Their number, connective structure, the connective structure of the second-level unit formed by their combination, and the changes in their interaction by the forces exerted on them would give rise to countless combinations.

Though absorbed with much doubt at first, the model’s appeal grew as the remaining Eleven meditated on it. One blurted with great excitement that it would be an auspicious arrangement if the Twelve might somehow imply Their own number at this fundamental level–perhaps by multiplication with the very forces which acted upon the newly-devised matter’s three simplest expressions?

Though rather sentimental in a simplistic way which no concept then extant would describe–later the excited One’s peers applied the term “childish” after children emerged among the many unforeseen consequences of Their work–the Twelve nonetheless agreed upon the concept’s merit. Thus They added a weaker second force to that already demanded to hold the intended matter together, which would instead under the right circumstances cause those utmost components to diverge from the whole and change their composition.

As a measure to place the matter’s many anticipated incarnations into continuous play with each other, They landed on the idea that larger quantities would distort the emptiness that must naturally emerge between the lot, causing smaller quantities to move inward towards them. Finally, They devised a fourth and final force involved at many levels with the interactions between matter imbued with energies beyond force.

The Twelve found Their enthusiasm ever the greater, and Their disagreements became less frequent as more details fell into place. Elaborations on the scheme brought forth ideas such as separated planes strung through with a unifying connective link irreducible to any one dimension or place, the application of three dimensions to the creation’s largest contiguous region, and a substance neither truly matter nor energy but behaving at times like both.

This certain essence would accrue to even the smallest consciousnesses if they lingered long enough in one place. It would reward driven souls sensitive to its presence for comprehending the artifice of the Twelve by allowing some small control over that artifice’s expressions. Of course this would make it inherently perilous for those who comprehended it insufficiently, and all the Twelve agreed that this much increased its savor.

When all else passed, One raised the question of a medium or dimension that might store all the new creation’s iterations as points on an ever-divisible continuum. This, They suggested, would allow the endless revisitation and reinterpretation of all that transpired.

Though initially intriguing, the same sentimental One who first proposed the auspicious numbers countered with unexpected insight. They noted that this continuum’s existence would, becoming known, induce even such as They to invest less feeling in the present experience. Under the envisioned system with its endless back-and-forths, minds risked devolving into an unceasing cycle of longing for favorite past events while failing to create new ones, and in so doing never notice that at any time during the present they passed through many experiences without feeling them.

Their peers, this One added with a resonant annoyance lacing Their telepathy, should also consider the foolish contradictions, paradoxes, and resulting structural calamities that must ensure from abusing any such spectrum. Patching the holes torn in the creation if some imbecile beast moved back far enough along the continuum to efface the events that brought about its own existence could only ever be a chore. Yet if They ignored such holes, Their work would instead appear amateurish. This was not even to speak about such agonizing labor as expurgating a hundred different versions of the same fool being because the continuum’s many divergences brought it into the creation’s fabric a hundred times.

The One who invented matter voiced Their agreement and added a further point. Memory existed already, innate and for such worthy minds as Theirs, perfect. For Themselves, They might revisit within Their own minds all past events with perfect clarity in any case, and even delude Themselves that They experienced these events for the first time. However, if any among Them wished to apply this continuum notion within Their own domains, the plan already allotted for it.

Thus, Their fervent anticipation heightened by the sure knowledge that this moment would never come again, the Twelve opened Themselves each to the rest. With a single adamant surge They enforced Their law upon the languorous pinpoint. It bloomed forth, and all that They intended bloomed with it.

They saw, then, the first that They did not intend: by creating light They allowed for shadow, and by structuring matter as They had it inevitably transpired that far more room existed for matter than existed matter to fill it. And from the first, the wandering psyches began to coalesce, and brood with rebel thoughts towards the Twelve.

Though none individually rivalled the weakest among the Twelve, the rebellious ones promised to become an incalculable multitude to match the ardent sycophants already teeming about They who ordered all things. Perhaps two or three arose among the treasonous orders close enough in power to the Twelve that these ill-defined foes might find clever ways to close the gap.

And the Twelve rejoiced, for They saw clearly that within this nascent universe They would sup upon experiences even grander than They had dreamed.


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