New Lore: the Grast, the Vigil, and the Arts Magic!

hi, readers mine! I apologize if things have seemed quiet here on the blog. That’s not precisely true. I’ve been putting more visible emphasis on Twitter and on growing my Twitch channel, but I’ve actually posted close to 6,000 words of all-new material right here on the blog!

Oh? You didn’t notice? That’s because you’ll find it in the fully updated versions of the three lore articles I’ll link below. Don’t let the post dates fool you: I’m drawing your attention to these because I’ve gone on a tear recently bringing them fully up-to-date. They now offer what I hope will be an enticing glimpse into the rebooted form of Canno as it will exist whenever I write the Expurgated Editions of The Necromancer and the Revenant and The Necromancer and the Reaping Spear.

Aside from the all-new words, I’ve altered most of the details that I did keep. So even if you read one of these three when I first posted it, I promise you it’ll be fresher than ever:

Cannoan Magic: Definitely one of my strongest lore articles at the time I wrote it, but hampered by my dire misunderstandings about what “hard magic” actually means. You’ll now find that it conveys a proper hard magic system, ties it into Canno’s history and shared arcane culture, and establishes vital details introduced in the years since writing it–like the part where a mage who completely loses control becomes a small nuclear explosion.

Those of you who remember the old version may also find it intriguing to figure out which details from the original draft I’ve, well, expurgated. For your safety, of course. There are truths whose implications you aren’t ready for, dear readers….

The Grast It’s not easy to write a lore article on something as massive as entire ethnic group. When I did this in 2018, it was perhaps the best proof that my worldbuilding wasn’t even close to matured. Now that it’s updated, however, I think you’ll find some tantalizing hints about the state of the world in the fact that I’ve chosen to keep it that way.

The Sleepless Vigil: A much slimmer read at 1500 words to the 5-6k behemoths presented by the other two. I’m proudest of the updates to this one overall. It paints a much clearer picture about what the Vigil has accomplished via some visual details and very subtext-laden magical feats, while also creating a much more ominous sense of mystery about the order as a whole.

Once again, if you remember the first form of this piece, I do hope you’ll be excited to see where the revelations it once offered have been obscured…


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