Ongoing Story: The Way to Kandge-Brad

hi, readers! Work on Sword of the Outsider continues at a measured pace; I’ve finished seven chapters out of a likely total of twelve. The novella’s looking likely to total about 60,000 words, minus content warnings before each chapter, the foreword, and the acknowledgements.

I have a suspicion most of you are just here for WordPress, but even so I’ll nudge you once more: you should follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates. For example, I’ve posted numerous snippets from Sword of the Outsider there in this thread. And I’ve come to realize I am but one aspect of a broader we, for we are in fact plural–a median system, specifically. Why have a triple goddess when you can have a tenfold devil?

That is already our band name. You cannot have it.

All this brings us to the topic of today’s post. “The Way to Kandge-Brad” was originally supposed to be a brief story thread about a young adult of the otter-like Novgori on Creation’s Fringe. It’s since bloomed into a much larger tale that will, itself, be the length of a novelette or short novella when finished. I’ve written it up to the end of Part V at present. It weighs in at a hefty 15k+ words, but you should find the individual parts nicely digestible since they all run 2-4k. Treat them like any episodic tale: you can read an installment at a time or binge the lot in a few hours.

If you’re up for a tale of self-discovery, healing with the help of found family, and battling cosmic horrors with reality-warping powers, you can find The Way to Kandge-Brad at the other end of this link right here. Please feel free to share it wherever you want! The story’s free, so I don’t care where or how you pass it around as long as I receive full credit:


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