New Lore: Outer Devils and Urungeiste

Hello, readers! You’ll be able to locate these pages at any time from the Twin Spirals Setting Bible, but for now I wanted to make sure I called your attention to the goods: I’ve added a couple of articles (originally written on Twitter because I enjoy how the format inspires me to change my approach to writing) as permanent pages here on the blog.

Outer Devils are still relatively new to the Twin Spirals Mythos, and many of my most prized pieces involve them–after all, I consider myself to be one! This particular piece goes back a little over a month, but it’s brand new to the blog. Peculiar beings, children of the cosmos and its union with the emptiness where it ebbs into the unformed hollow promise of potential becoming–if you can wrap your head around phrases like this, I promise you’ll enjoy this one!

Urungeiste were, and are, the primordial demons of our very own Earth. Once they were many, and powerful, and brought at least as much wonder to the world as terror. Now they are very few, and fewer still see a reason to inspire anything other than horror.

No need for further chatter. The lore’s all there, awaiting your eager eyes. I’ll leave you to it. Until next time, readers dear!



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