Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted–Test Episode/Amaranth’s Confessionals #1

Hello, readers dear! Perhaps I should say listeners too? These past few years, I’ve had one friend or acquaintance after another tell me that they’d love to tune in to some audio content. They were speaking about audiobooks. Now, while I don’t think those are logistically feasible for me at present, I’ve slowly come around to the idea of a story podcast. I knew I wanted to place it in the Twin Spirals Mythos. What’s the use of all this lore if I never tell any stories with it, right?

A falling out with some former friends–about which I’ll give no further details, since I’m increasingly inclined to see it as a tragic clusterfuck between traumatized people–has put me in just the headspace you’d expect. I got to thinking about a certain witch from Urhexen, the free novella I published last November. I left it ambiguous as to what became of Amaranth “Moonsilver” Dawson after her astronomical (and extremely self-inflicted) fall from grace.

Well, I’ve decided I’m ready to give my answer.

Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted will be a podcast, maybe weekly, maybe bi-weekly, following Amaranth’s slip through the cracks in the world we know and subsequent misadventures in the worlds that touch it. So here we are with a test episode: effectively, a character profile of Amaranth given in her own words with yours truly providing her voice.

I admit, I’m not sure yet what I want to do with this series. I’ve got 26 episode concepts written up so far; I love many of them, but I’m lukewarm on many of others. I know where I want to take Amaranth’s character, but not whether I’ll bring in additional protagonists or what the overarching plot’s going to be… if there even end up being one besides Amaranth’s own journey. For now?

Analogue Ruins starts in the spring of 2024, though it may not be the same 2024 we’ll experience in two years’ time, and will contain some mix of contemporary and urban fantasy, horror, weird fiction, military fiction, and paranormal investigation… as well as whatever else I decide fits the spirit of it all.

For now? Here’s the test episode for your listening pleasure. I’ll be using the same podcast settings for the main series, so you’re free to start subscribing now if you like what you hear! Until next time, listeners dear!



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