Analogue Ruins Episode One: Profile of a Forlorn Hope

Hello, readers and potential listeners! Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted is a weird fiction/contemporary fantasy/horror story podcast I’ll try to release biweekly on Wednesdays from here on in.

On the off-weeks, starting next Wednesday, I’ll publish new short story-length entries in my Riven Earth setting under the serial title “And All The Foundation Shudders.” Most will follow one of several groups. I know that we’re starting off with an elf wandering out of Faerie and getting swept up in a wannabe superhero’s first adventure right as the world begins to split open at the seams. Feels like a strangely fitting pair, yes? But that’s enough about other things for now.

A quick recap for those who might understandably have skipped the Test episode: Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted follows the liminal-space misadventures of Amaranth (formerly Moonsilver) Dawson, a disgraced witch and ex-liberal activist looking for a way forward in a world where she knows she’ll never find redemption. In Episode One you’ll get to know Amaranth quite well. She is, and I say this with the utmost exuberant effection… scum.

This is a bit of a cold open for the series, so no reason to delay longer when the audio itself serves to ease you in nice and languid. Happy listening!~


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