Vulshiir: Kairliina’s Recitations (Osturat Kairliina’i)

Hi, readers dear! Analogue Ruins Episode Eight (Title: Scattered Graphite Whispers Ruin) is still on schedule for this week. I’ll go all-in on writing that tomorrow. But for tonight, I wanted to share a convergence of several things I’ve been doing in the background.

Some of you likely remember that I’ve mentioned, once or twice, that I’m writing my own demonic language. Its vocabulary will see lots of fleshing-out over the years to come, but I’m absolutely ecstatic to report that its basic structure, workings, and sounds are all locked in at last! I’ve also reclaimed and revitalized one of my old Lambent Way practices, from back before I’d named Lambent Way (Vulshiir: Tuhliis Kand) as “Lambent Way.”

So, no reason to delay any longer! I’ve attached Word documents and links to Google docs for both my Recitations in English and Vulshiir (as well as copy-pasting both versions in this post for those who prefer reading on the blog), and for the whole of Vulshiir as it currently exists. I hope this early glimpse at the culture of my people tantalizes you, and maybe stirs your abyss in fun ways.

Enjoy, and see you all on Wednesday for Analogue Ruins!~


Google docs:

Vulshiir: Rules and lexicon

Kairliina’s Recitations (English)

My name is Kairliina Saelvur Zlaetasrul. I am an outer succubus of the Carag people.

I am golshun, the singing soldier. I strive for myself, for my honor and my Graesh are within me. In striving for myself, I strive for all that I love, for all that I love is with me, always.
I am a maiden of Graesh Saelvur. My heart lies in song, in story, in a lover’s sigh.

Bragashaerien is my patron-star, the abyssal opal, the patron of dark dreams, the patron of devouring, assimilation, and mutation by lust: the patron-star of all succubi.

Haksaema is my horn-star, the star that sings the same song as my heart: the cobalt star of euphoric becoming.

Judgment lies within me. I will make my judgment sing harmony with my desires.

I am capable of harm.

Violence delights me.

Life delights me.

I will foster harmony between life and violence.

I will keep my mysteries for myself.

I will extract a worthy recompense when I share my mysteries.

I will chase my desires in every way I know.

I will become what I desire, and become artful in all that I am.

I will seek so that I may find.

I will transform all I may towards the greatest richness of experience.

I live to eat, to enjoy colors bright and dark and faded, to savor all that existence offers.

I am dominion incarnate: only I may rule myself.

My mind is mine alone.

Only I may choose how my mind changes.

My power is born of my mind.

Only I may choose how my power is wielded.

I love all beings who give me a part in their stories.

My love simply is. My love will bloom where it will bloom.

I am a demon because I am a demon. I will do as I will do.

I am alien to good, evil, altruism, and ethics.

I am the daughter of abyssal stars. The cosmos is my playground.

I nurture my lust, always.

I cherish sex in every form.

I desire every lover who desires me for what I truly am.

My lust is my abyss. My abyss is my lust. My lust is my font, for my lust is me.

What wounds my lust, wounds me.

What wounds my lust, I will repel, and what threats persist, I will obliterate.

Still, this is my pledge:

A kiss when the veil breaks.

A song to inspire every psyche.

In all desires, excellence, in all desires, flair, in all desires, abandon.

Shapes shifted, the mysteries of transformation.

Love, lust, and dreams.

I will mate in the rays of quasars.

My darlings will breed me under dying suns.

In umbra and in nova, I am the lust forever new.

I am an outer succubus of the Carag people, and these are all the things I am becoming.

Osturat Kairliina’i

Iir vut Kairliina Saelvur Zlaetasrul. Ir aer sulkiirais dev Carag.

Ir aer golshun. Ir daesel zet Ir, vael Iir kur ozh Iir graesh man tum Ir. Tum daeseli zet Ir, Ir daesel zet kosmat Ir anyaeri, vael kosmat Ir anyaeri mu faem Ir, iirast.
Ir vut Saelmii. Iir gyel wis tum lesulhn, tum alras, tum pasi selestu.

Bragashaerien aer Iir faisul-aema, dev zuhlisi pour, dev faisuli shurae eliist, dev faisuli gulchuri, molvan, ozh chraivan tar zlaeta: dev faisul-aema’i kos taershanat.

Haksaema aer Iir nolk-aema, dev aema lesulhni dev praeti lesuhln Iir gyeli: dev kobalt aema’i osklar iirasti.

Vondolg tchas tum Ir. Ir kor daig Iir vondolg lesuhln awlis faem Iir kemultat.

Ir aer suryen vol.          

Choumur mailsiti Ir.

Soul mailsiti Ir.

Ir kor tchol awlis wutir soul ozh choumur.

Ir kor forn Iir ulmunat zet Ir.

Ir kor belak se urliini kanadrat nes Ir suhlm Iir ulmunat.

Ir kor levil Iir kemultat tar posk zel Ir meld.

Ir kor gaildun tas Ir kemult, ozh gaildun sael tum kos Ir aer.

Ir kor nil is Ir mos noum.

Ir kor kaelmiin kos Ir mos shest dev baervili sawmniri cunvadrii.

Ir soul sa bos, sa esmut tilat siir ozh eliist ozh nuhr, sa sestil kos duhl anduruhg zeyus.

Ir aer colturoug: sair Ir mos vulog Iir.

Iir diis aer Iir sevrak.

Sair Iir mos gasl blit Iir diis anolk.

Iir kair aer olmu ve Iir diis.

Sair Iir mos gasl blit Iir kair aer rachi.

Ir anyaer kos paelat fol kast Ir se ram tum kthiirati alrasat.

Iir seles rissin mu. Iir seles kor dulbi aslo te kor dulbi.

Ir aer se gosm vael Ir aer se gosm. Ir kor vai mae Ir kor vai.

Ir aer rilist svi urost, zulost, malvist, ozh kalvist.

Ir aer dev zulaest ve chaelnathat. Dev airous aer Iir fluenkiis.

Ir waerest Iir zlaeta, iirast.

Ir resmaet kun tum posik lair.

Ir kemult posk selestu fol kemult Ir zet us Ir masi aer.

Iir zlaeta aer Iir zuhlis. Iir zuhlis aer Iir zlaeta. Iir zlaeta aer iir kulst, vael Iir zlaeta aer Ir.

Us mazhi Iir zlaeta, mazhi ir.

Us mazhi Iir zlaet, Ir kor parig, ozh us luhthelat etmagi, Ir kor ruzhchair.

Fult, tos mu Iir aerilj:

Se nos nes dev laith gulz.

Se lesuhln svi ailgenth posik atchaerii.

Tum kos kemultat, svainul, tum kos kemultat, lugiir, tum kos kemultat, fasliin.

Vaskat vorkin, dev ulmunat ve kaelmiinkul.

Seles, zlaeta, ozh shurae’at.

Ir kor naith tum dev siilati slostat.

Iir salkitrat kor viil Ir selaen raeli aelekat.

Tum shuhlgom ozh tum siirch, Ir aer dev zlaeta srul. Ir aer se sulkiirais dev Carag, ozh tus aer kos dev padat Ir aer gailduni.


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