Erotica Commission: Take a Step, for Athena

Hello, readers dear! I’ve just finished on erotica commission, so, with the client’s consent, I’m posting it here for the enjoyment of all who wish!

Mags has made great strides to put herself in a better place. She’s got a good therapist, she takes her meds, and of course, she has her sweet-as-sugar girlfriend Mittsie to support her all the way. But after a tense encounter at a local bar, things get worse. It might turn out that Mittsie and Mags have two very different ideas of what “a better place” means…

Cw: abuse, dubcon, manipulation, toxic relationship (like, waste dump levels of toxic)

Google document:

Take a Step

an erotica commission for Athena~

Fuck me, I thought I was over my aggression problems. Leave for a second to hit the girl’s room and piss, and next thing I know, there’s some fucker of a golden on the stool next to Mittsie. He’s twice her size and way too close, with one elbow on the bar between them. Crowding into her space. She’s gotta be terrified, my sweet little spaniel.

Okay, Mags. Hold on a sec. My therapist, Callie, she says you don’t leave the past behind in a sprint. What matters is that each time it tries to pull you back, you take a step forward. So… right… here’s how I take my step today. I tell him off, but I don’t go right for his throat. He probably deserves it. Thing is, I’ve got baggage. It’s too dangerous to find excuses for violence. So I just loom over him, a big ol’ hyena gal with the spikes on my collar shining like steel fangs in the dingy orange lights, and I fold my arms.

“Hey. Sitting pretty close to my girl, don’tcha think?”

Retriever-boy tries to play coy with me, making his blue eyes all big. “No, she… I mean, ma’am, I s-swear, it’s really not like that, she initiated!”

“That’s not true!” Mitts cries, bolting behind me. “He kept staring at me, Mags! I t-thought… y-y’know… I thought I had to play along, or he might…”

“You worthless piece of shit.” Biting my words off. The black leather of my jacket creases, loud like a creaking door, under my clenching paws. “First you crowd my girl, then you’re gonna lie about it?”

“I told you, it’s not like that!” he babbles, holding his paws up, defensive. “I don’t wanna come between you and your girlfriend, really, I don’t, but she’s lyin–“

Everything boils over at once. By the time I realize my arm’s moving, my fist is smashing his jaw. Just like that, it’s all bubbling back: how good it feels to hit another living creature with everything I’ve got–oh, man, look at him spin! What is that, like, four full revolutions? And that fall, the way his elbow cracks the floor, oh, that’s just pure poetry! Fuck, I forgot how much it turns me on to put weak whiny fuckers under my boot–

–party’s over. Everyone in the bar has their hackles up, staring at us. Staring at me. I’m the biggest bitch in here, no contest. I’m getting a lot of looks. Some of ’em are scared. Some of ’em are turned on. But… fuck, I don’t want any of this. I don’t want my cock getting hard, thinking about mounting this pussy fucking retriever, making him whimper like the bitch he is in front of the whole bar…

“C’mon, Mitts.” I squeeze her little paw and pull her out. “We’re leaving.'”

“It wasn’t your fault,” she whispers on the way out. “He made you–“

“Hey, uh, Mitts, I’m really not comfy with puttin’ it like that,” I whisper back. “Sorry, I…”

“It’s fine.” She looks away. “I’m sorry. Just don’t guilt yourself, okay? You’ve worked harder than anybody I know to get better.” She smiles, a little, as her green eyes settle on our car. “I’m really proud of you, baby.”

“Thanks, princess, uh…” I’m a little too big to drive–all the handles and knobs n’shit are a pain to get my paws around, shoulders keep getting stuck on the chairs–so as always, Mitts gets into the driver’s seat. God damn it, look at me! Sure, I’m good at bruising up some asshole, but what’s that worth when my poor girlfriend’s still the one who’s gotta drive after she has a traumatic experience? What am I good for except hurting people?

“Don’t worry about it.” Mitts leans up and licks my cheek. She says not to worry, but when we started dating she’d have gone right for my mouth, tongue to tongue. I feel like I did something wrong, but… what?

I can’t understand why, but the next couple of weeks get weird. It’s like something changed after the bar. I don’t know what rumors are spreading. I keep seeing weird looks everywhere. People huddle up when they see me coming, conversations stop. Mitts reassures me that I’m just being too hard on myself, and overlooking the people who are happy to see me because I’m too focused on the scared ones. She talks me into stealing a little from the big store with the name I always forget ‘cuz, like… it’s just a dumb superstore. Sneaking out with some electronics isn’t gonna hurt anybody.

Petty theft’s barely even a bad deed, right? Life under capitalism, n’ shit.

But somehow that turns into slashing some bastard’s tires after he cuts us off, and while I’m in our car breaking down over what’ll happen if we get found out, Mitts grabs my head and kisses me. The sloppiest, sluttiest kiss of my whole fuckin’ life. She starts fondling my cock. I give for a second, squirming at her little hand, and I think of slamming her out on the hood and railing her in the middle of the cul de sac–I back off, apologize, clam up.

The fuck is wrong with me? She was just trying to reassure me. But…

… but after that I keep thinking that if I get into trouble, if I toe the line just right, Mitts’ll have to keep reassuring me. I fight it, I fight it so goddamn hard, but every time I overstep, there’s those kisses, and her warmth against me, and it doesn’t hit me how far everything’s escalating until I’m beating some guy down in a back alley for walking into me.

“Just wanted to have a few fucking drinks! Just wanted to have a nice night!” I snarl. Whip my cock out, feeling that tingle of agonizing need from the flushed flesh rising past the edges sheathe, that knot just waiting to swell up. I slap it down across his ass, get a yelp out of him, oh, fuck, that does things for me, I… the fuck am I doing?!

Take a step away. Stagger against the bricks, breathing hard.

He glances back, gulps his nerves, and just whimpers, “sorry, sorry, I’m going, I…”

Then he’s gone. I turn to Mitts. And because she’s not focused on me, she forgets to hide the way she’s staring at my massive, throbbing cock, staring with those hungry eyes I haven’t seen since I went to therapy, and the whole fucking nightmare just clicks at once.

“You… Mittsie…” I can’t believe it. I’m so stunned I don’t even put my dong away. I just stand there, big tits heaving with every breath, all my fur standing up. “You… but you said you were proud of me, you…” I want to cry, but I’m too shocked and humiliated for that. “You planned this.” The words drop out of me. “Why? Why would you do this to me?”

Why?” Mitts is full mask-off, manic, drooling. “Darling… Mags, my beautiful bitch Mags… have you fucking seen yourself when you lose your temper? How strong you are, how dominant? God, all I can think about is–“

I know this is what she wants, but I can’t help myself. Every word out of her awful whore mouth, the way she’s bragging about it, the way she used me… I have to put this damn bitch in her place. I lunge, I grab her pretty little neck in my paw, and I slam her up against the alley wall. “You fucking traitor!” I rip her white top open with a rake of my claws, and I sink ’em right into that fluff-covered spaniel titflesh. I squeeze, I grope, I gouge, and oh sweet fucking hell do I make her squeal. “You took everything from me!”

The angrier I get, the more Mittsie whimpers and spasms from the pain and how much she gets off on the pain, the more my girldick aches. And she’s just drooling at me with that awful triumphant leer, ‘cuz she knows it even better than I do: those looks weren’t just random. People talk. We’ve only been in this goddamn town two months. This was supposed to be my fresh start, we don’t have enough money saved for another move this soon! But already, everybody in this boogie hellhole knows exactly what I am.

So when I rip her pink floral skirt open, when I tear her panties off and I get my tip lined up to that tight pink hole underneath that cute little girldick, I don’t hesitate. My cock’s huge, doesn’t matter how you measure it. I’ve never actually measured it in inches. Feels like it kills the mystique to have a number. Let’s put it like this: as hard and high as it rises when I slam it down on Mittsie’s belly, while my balls are slapping on her balls, its tip is resting between her tits. For months now, I’ve been too scared to use more than the first quarter of it. Terrified how I might break Mitts up inside.

Miserable little skank. I should’ve torn her apart the night I met her!

I take a step, I line up my hips with my feet nice and wide under me, and I ram the whole shaft in with one hard thrust. Mittsie’s whore eyes bulge so wide I’m surprised they don’t pop–oh, I could make ’em pop! I could dig my thumbs in until they fucking burst! The moan-scream that pours out of her almost makes this shitty purgatory worth it. I grind my fingers into her hips and give three beautiful, ruthless jabs all the way up inside her.

Making her writhe and groan and shriek for me like this… fuck, it feels good…

“Stupid bitch! Stupid, selfish, crazy bitch!” I take her neck in my teeth, and I bite, not hard enough to crush her windpipe but hard enough to make damn clear that I could. And I rail Mitts–the dog I hate, the dog I love, the dog I’m stuck with forever in this realist shitshow of a relationship–make that tight tunnel twitch on my cock, making the insane slut’s tail wag so fast it sounds like sandpaper scuffing the bricks.

Mitts warps her legs around my waist and moans, squeezes, rocks against me.

“That’s it, Mags!” she squeals. “Punish me! Teach me a lesso–“

I rip the skirt off the rest of the way, wad it up without pausing my hammering strokes on her perfect bitch ass, and shove it into her mouth.

“Only good thing that ever fell out of your mouth was my cock!” I snarl, pinning her neck under my paw and bracing the other paw on the wall beside her head. I lean in, crushing her between me and the bricks, fucking faster and faster. “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, stupid bitch stupid slut, stupd, stupid, stupid goddamn whore!”

I pound her ass so hard that tufts of brown and white fur rip off her back, clinging to the bricks. I pound her until there are raw patches, until speckles of blood spread over her back, until she can’t take it anymore and she cums all over herself. That girlcock bouncing and trembling and shooting slimy ropes of cum on her belly, on her tits, on her face. She moans, grinding on me, trying to push down and get caught on my knot.

“Oh, not that easy, Mitts!” Grab these prissy bitch shoulders in my paws, spin her like the pathetic fucktoy she is, and slam her face-down on a dumpster. She squirms against the rattling lid, wriggling her hips, whimpering through her gag. “Yeah, that’s right. You’re trash.” I get in behind her, I line up, and then I go right back to pounding her ass. I pull out for just a second to rub my dick along the underside of hers, pushing it into her balls, lathering it up with Mittsie’s sweat and girlcum. Then I dig my claws into her forehead and pull her head back until it looks like it’s going to break.

Her eyes roll back to look at me, I lean over her, and I hiss into her ear, “You’re my trash. Better get used to this, Mitts, ‘cuz after today, you only leave the apartment when I need you to drive me somewhere. I own you, understand?” I shove her down before she can answer. “And I’m gonna use what I own whenever the fuck I want.”

I’ve just gotten back into my rhythm, that sex-burn in my belly’s getting stronger as I get close to bottoming out in this bitch, oh, I’m so fucking close to cumming when there’s scuffling at the mouth of the alley.

That gutless fuck who bumped into me earlier is standing there with a couple of friends. Me? I just put a paw to the back of my head, grin sheepishly, and wave. “Sorry ’bout earlier, man. My ditz of a girl, here, she’s been swapping my meds with aphrodysiacs on accident. S’ got me real horny and aggressive. All sorted out now!”

“O-oh…” his friends are big, but neither of them is quite as big as me. I know they could take me, but they don’t. God. Is it really this fuckin’ easy? Is this all I had to do, all along, to fool people? I guess so, because after exchanging some glances he shrugs and laughs it off. “I guess that’s not your fault, then. Um…” He rubs the back of his head too. “Gotta admit… it was kinda hot. Hard to be mad about it, uh… I guess we’ll leave you to it!”

I wave, drop the mask, and rip the gag out of Mittsie’s mouth. I shove her to her knees and plunge my whole cock down her throat. My knot swells right up, locking us together no matter how much she gags and squirms and tries to push away.

“I hate, you Mitts,” I crush her to my crotch, relishing every twitch and scramble until she goes slack, relaxing, moaning, suckling like a good obedient little whore while I fill her belly with spurt after spurt of cum. “I hate you so fucking much…” I’m so excited to get her home. It’s past time I broke this whore’s mind for good.


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