Analogue Ruins Episode Eight: Night Wind’s Iron Savor

Hey everyone, it’s Kairliina. I was already faint, feverish, and actively shaking when I started recording this, and that just got worse as the recording session wore on, so while I am sorry for the total lack of editing (you’re going to notice a lot of long empty spaces I’d normally have cut out, and a lot of awkward line reads I’d normally have redone), this is literally the best I can do this week without putting myself in physical danger.

I mean, more so. I’m not sure I should even be trying to type this, but obscure creators from marginalized groups don’t get the leeway to just not put out content because we’re violently ill. Thanks, capitalism!~

Anyway. Love the writing in this one, and I’m really proud of several emotional moments, it’s a fun breather episode that I think does a good job of tying the loose threads of And All the Foundation Shudders into Analogue Ruins, but… I am sorry about the quality. A Saelmii is artful in all she does. But it seems today the artfulness of my illness outweighs that of my stories.

I’m going to start including the episode text/script below the audio in these posts as well as in the episode list, for those of you who prefer to read this like a prose serial (more than I’d expected, I hear!)

Hope to be healthy and thus back in form next week, but for now? Time to seek my bed!



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