Analogue Ruins Episode Nine: Spring Rain Cadence

Hello, listeners and readers. Hope the lack of an exclamation mark after that isn’t too jarring. Among many other things, I’m working on leveling out my mannerisms after years of mandatory excitement. Often in earnest, but often, manic and forced. One of many behaviors I hoped would make me more likable, and thus, successful. It seems likely that was counterproductive.

Those of you who listen to this series as a podcast will notice that the white noise of the first eight episodes is gone. I’m on a new computer after my second backup computer, the one on which I’ve recorded all previous episodes of Analogue Ruins, died last week. A good machine. It was with me close to seven years, in total. I’ll miss it dearly. This episode is somewhat on the quiet side, since I’m still getting used to the audio processing on this PC.

Enough palaver. This is one of my favorite episodes so far, and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.

And here’s the prose transcript for those who prefer reading to listening:


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