Exploring the Carag: A Cultural Proposal

Update, March 25, 2023: some more sifting and questioning in answer to lingering dissonance in my heart has expanded my understanding of my people. This document’s now outdated in a few ways, and more may emerge overtime, so I’ll probably expand and revise it at some point. For now, suffice to say that though there are many demons among the Carag people, the majority of Carag aren’t demons. Anytime this document refers to the intersections of demonic being with Carag culture, you should only take this as representative of those Carag, like myself, who are also demons.

Original text begins below.

Hello, readers dear! This piece has its own included explanation, so there’s no need for me to draw this out very long. This is my level best to offer a sweeping introduction to the nature and culture of my demonic people, both contemporary and proposed as a future goal for us to build towards, which I hope will be helpful both for prospective kindred born here on Earth, and for open-minded humans. It’s full of so many odd, passionate, intimate mysteries, and I hope it’s as wondrous for you to read as it was for me to write. Attachments and Google docs link are below–enjoy!~




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