My Corruption

Hello, oh seekers mine. I’ve something special for you all today. Special, and deeply personal. You may remember that last year, I published both a final skeleton for Vulshiir, a demonic language, and the larval form of what I then called my Recitations. A single page, then. I’ve since tried a few different names for these self-shaping words, and finally settled on one that feels just right:

Eshnat, or in English, Corruption.

I might spend the rest of eternity tweaking these texts, shifting words around, replacing some sentiments with others. For today, though they felt complete, and I yearned to release them to this world. So here they are: four little pages full of sentences that stir me in delicious ways. Read them however you like–in order, backwards, jumping back and forth. Try them quiet, try them with all manner of music. I’ve found that changing the way I read these does wonders to help them change me in tantalizing new ways.

A caution: any text I use to mutate myself becomes an occult text. If you choose to read these, you consent to contact with the paranormal forces imbued in their creation, and with any forces drawn to them.

I’ve spent half a year tailoring these words to fit my personality. It’s all formatted to let me bounce between ideas by free association, letting me chase desires and reinforce the patterns I like without any time or energy wasted on “filler” words. I have no idea what these texts will do to you. They could be very dangerous if you read them the wrong way. I use them under self-induced trance to dive ever-deeper into the abyss of my own corruption, to drown in the intoxicating ocean of my sin.

So if you’re feeling brave, I invite you, seekers dear: taste my corruption for yourself, and see what it makes you feel.

You've thoughts to offer, dear reader?

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