Analogue Ruins Chapter 15: By Iron and By Anguish Vaulted

Of they that built these darkling halls
of them that forged these simmering walls
who can say? Who can recall?

Golden throne no more shall shine
marble steps no more shall climb
and from the void they howling come
those searing ones, their deeds unsung

No priest upon the temple stair
nor prophet on the heights
no maiden called to glory
shall break our endless nights

So we remain
so we attain
a hollow peace
a fruitless war
by iron and by anguish vaulted

Analogue Ruins Chapter 15 is now available for your listening or reading pleasure! A caution for sensitive ears: this is my first recording back after a five-month hiatus. Most of it is excellent work which I’m quite proud of. There are a few times where I overestimated how loud I could get without peaking the microphone. This only happens a few times, it doesn’t last long, and I’ll be more careful in the future. It can be painful, though, and I’m sorry.

Oh, also, WordPress doesn’t let me directly upload audio now that I’m not paying for a plan. I found this out when I attempted to post it. I’ve checked, and this information doesn’t seem to be mentioned in relation to any of the plans. Isn’t that weird? What a weird thing not to mention! Anyway, here’s a Google Drive link to the MP3 instead:


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