Analogue Ruins Chapter 16: Madness Incandescent and Free

Forbear but to whisper
Forbear but to wait
Who are you to question?

Show us the brazen horn
let us hear it sound
or is Armageddon lost to you?

Tell us, peace-child
what wild things covet
or have you forgotten
that madness,
and free?

Over steeple, over spire,
spite not the harpy’s call
nor labyrinth fear to claim
these winding ways redeem
and often those who wander
are happiest when lost

Let the horned harlot guide
envious time’s flight
no death or chance
shall find you
so long as you yet seek
that madness incandescent,
and free

Analogue Ruins Chapter 16 is now available for your reading pleasure! Here’s how it’ll work this time, and for all further chapters going forward: I’ll post the written form of each chapter as soon as it’s done. In practice, this’ll often mean it comes out a day earlier for those of you who prefer to read, because I tend to finish writing these too late in the day to leave time or energy for recording them.

I’ll record, edit, and update the post with the audio version within a day or two of the prose version’s posting. I usually line-edit and tweak the prose on the fly as part of my recording process, so if necessary, I’ll also upload a more polished version of the prose then.

Sound good? Here’s the chapter. Enjoy!~



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