Paradise Rots

“I know what you did.” In a labyrinth of dark stone halls studded by crystal ribs fused with igneous ceilings, a pair of horned things stand opposite each other. One ash-grey with a sweep of orange hair and blood-red fire, the other bronze, glittering, covered in slit-orifices with serrated chitin-bands on her neck and limbs. […]

Cinder’s Pavilion: A Horror Story

Hello, seekers dear! I remain on hiatus from any long-form writing, so Analogue Ruins won’t be returning anytime soon. That said, I’ve had this story on the backburner for a while, and the time felt right to finish it. “Cinder’s Pavilion” was intended to be the first chapter of a long-form novel I titled Sirens […]

Collected Tales of Machrae Diir #2

Hello, readers! Here’s the second collection of short stories originally published under my secret special Twitter account at Ashenvein Gate. I did say that if I did any further writing during the holiday season, you would not find out about it until the New Year, yes? As for the first post of the day, which […]