Unlit Branches — A Poem

All the unlit branches of many a treeboiled up from the oceans under old Galileeand all the inverse towersof all the haughty kingswere broken on the backsof the ancient angels’ ringsThe songs of revelation soared up high past all the starspast the zenithpast the nadirpast the broken gates ajar Ripples reached the non-ears of the […]

I Am Not Your Rep

(Edit, 4/16/2022: A few paragraphs down, I suggested that it would work nicely to read this as a matched pair with the entries in Tales of Machrae Diir #2. Now that my head is clear, I do not think any such thing! Read Tales Issue #2 by itself and leave this post while you can. […]

To the masked man

Simple version: yes, I am insane, and yes, I am sorry. I wish I could make things right but I don’t know how. I don’t have anything I can use to do that. All the things I would’ve looked to, I already know won’t work. You told me they don’t do you any good, so… […]

From Nebs, to the man behind the curtain

To the man behind the curtain– Hey, buddy. Hm. Well… I think that was what you used to call me. I don’t think I ever gave you a name of the same spirit in trade. I just used the name I knew you by. What a tawdry thing that is. I knew you in such […]