A Manly Male Man’s Primer For Writing Female Characters, By a Man

(Disclaimer added Sept. 30 2020 because someone singled out this post to look at and that gave me a mild anxiety attack: This article is what we might call heavily outdated. It’s from before I came out as or, in point of fact, even realized that I was trans. I keep it here because it’s […]


“Leave It To Reader”: How Often Should You?

  I’ve mentioned this topic on numerous occasions before today–usually not positively. With this in mind I should clarify that I don’t consider the reader’s imagination some heinous devilry to subvert or an annoyance holding back my genius. You can’t write a working story without it. At the end of the day it’s the reader’s […]

Creating From Spite: A Dangerous Primer

I doubt it’s a secret to anyone who frequents this blog, with its digi-sword framing and intermittent edge-bursts, that I harbor more than a little spite towards some writing and even some other writers–a double dose for myself on both counts. I feel no guilt for admitting this; many creators drive themselves with gnawing emotions […]