A Word About Getting in Touch

I tend to be pretty cagey these days.

If you want to contact me for reasons related to my writing, such as to ask about commissions or offer me a job, you may email me at ashenveingate@gmail.com. I like fan mail, just remember that while I get very personal in my writing, my writing is still a context I completely control. Don’t expect me to show the same level of vulnerability in a non-fictional conversation. Anything I say to a fan is public in the same way my published writings are, so don’t be shy about sharing what I’ve said to you.

If you choose to DM me, understand that you’re rolling dice with chaos. I’m a demon who frequently struggles to understand her own priorities. Even if I try to deal with you in the best of faith I might still mess it up. And I can’t pretend I don’t have a manipulative streak, or that I don’t enjoy toying with others enough to lapse into doing it unconsciously. I’m unlikely to intentionally harm a fan of my creations, but I do have a lot of mental disorders, and I can’t promise you the safety a less troubled person could.

That’s it. Thanks for reading, and I’m interested to see who I wind up talking to!