A Word About Getting in Touch

I tend to be pretty cagey about how I make contact these days, as well as how I let others do so.

If you want to contact me for professional reasons, such as to ask about commissions or offer me a job, you may email me at ashenveingate@gmail.com. Be judicious about trying to reach me at this email for other reasons. I like fan mail, but remember that I have my own life. If I respond, I respond. If you get silence back, it doesn’t mean I hate you. It just means I chose not to write an email in return.

If I’m streaming, as I occasionally do on Twitch, that’s an excellent time and place to say hi. You can most often find me on Twitter as Ashenvein Gate (@AshenveinGate).

Note also that I am way, way more likely to respond to earnest talk about my creations than any attempts to pry into my private life and personality. If I give you permission to share my response publicly–which I might, if it relates to lore, underlying story themes, and the like–then you may do so. In all other cases, our conversations are private. Keep them that way.

You might find it easier to stick to commenting under a relevant post. If I like your vibes and what you’ve got to say, you can bet I’ll want to strike up a conversation! I love talking to people, as long as they’re willing to meet me within my personal limits. I’m a demon who’s learned the value of skepticism. I’m slow to trust, and in that, I’m unlikely to ever change. DM me and I may respond. Just remember: whatever moments we share are the moments we share. Enjoy them for what they are.