Commission Info

Note: revising this as of September 1, 2022. Now then. For the time being, I am only offering erotica/smut and transformation (TF) commissions. You know–written porn. Stories about kink and sex, about hot demon girls transing your gender, all those sorts of things. My new rates for this are $7.50 per 500 words or $15 per 1000 words. I only have a few hard Nos:

-No underage. I may write ageplay scenarios between consenting adults, but this is fraught territory and that’ll be very much case-by-base. -The only non-fictional beings I’m willing to write about are you yourself, and any partners who consent to being written into the piece.

-Complexity/conceptualization/ouchie fees: if you request a piece that needs me to balance a lot of different things, push the envelope of the writing medium, or mash my face into really draining stuff, I may levy extra fees to account for the extra mental load.

-Research fees: same principle! I love learning things, but I love writing too and I still expect to be paid for that. I’m more than happy to write a commission that requires me to do research, but I will charge $15 per hour of reading needed (minimum $3 extra).

That’s it. You can email me at or DM me on Twitter @AshenveinGate to arrange a commission. All payments in advance, work doesn’t start ’til the money’s in my bank account.