Canno: The Grast

(Author’s Note, 5/3/2021: here’s another old article refurbished to bring it in line with the rebooted lore of the Expurgated Edition! Lots of very tasty additions mean 3400 new words atop the updates to the old version’s 2500, putting our new total at almost 6k words!) (Cw: caste system, eugenics The Grast are a human […]


Idle Musings, Night of February 1st, 2017

Ethnographers and cultural anthropologists generally agree that if something shows up in every culture, it’s important for humans. The Mongols and other Steppe-nomads were accustomed to levels of hardship almost unthinkable even for contemporary peoples such as Germanic tribesmen. The Mongols still had booze. I rest my case.