Ul and Kair: The Most Important Concepts in the Twin Spirals Mythos

Hello, dear readers! It’s a day for lore, but as befitting the way I started this year, something more finicky and nebulous than my stock-in-trade. These concepts anchor my storytelling and inform some of my favorite character writing, that’s true. Ul and Kair go beyond this, though. Each idea embodies a keystone of my worldview. […]


Unlit Branches — A Poem

All the unlit branches of many a treeboiled up from the oceans under old Galileeand all the inverse towersof all the haughty kingswere broken on the backsof the ancient angels’ ringsThe songs of revelation soared up high past all the starspast the zenithpast the nadirpast the broken gates ajar Ripples reached the non-ears of the […]