Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted: Episode List

Here’s the running list of episodes in my weird fiction/contemporary fantasy/horror podcast, Analogue Ruins of a Girl I Once Gutted, plus Word documents of the text I read from for each episode. Keep in mind that I leave myself room to ad-lib a little extra here and there if I deem it appropriate in the moment, so the recorded audio will sometimes include a few sentences that aren’t in the text.

Test Episode: Amaranth’s Confessionals #1 A partial-length proof-of-concept I made mostly to figure out if I could do a podcast I was satisfied with using my bare-minimum resources. I initially planned it to serve as a kind of framing device for the series, providing a justification for imitating The Magnus Archives until I figured out what I wanted to do. Then I figured out what I wanted to do, which was not at all the same. Now this mostly serves as Amaranth’s meditation on her self-image. Flavorful, but not essential for the main story.

Episode One: Profile of a Forlorn Hope The first proper episode. A meditation, perhaps more gleeful than it should be, on how a woman as messy as one Amaranth “Moonsilver” Dawson comes to be.

Episode Two: Unspooling Threads of High Treason Amaranth pursues something promised in the first episode–something that’ll change her whole world…

Episode Three: Within the Glass the Mirror Cracks Escorted by a figure from her past, a certain witch arrives at a place where she might just get a fresh start.

Episode Four: Mercury Makes a Poor Recompense The fledgling witch sets off with two new attendants and a greater sense of her own purpose. What’s the worst that can happen from chasing a whim, anyhow?

Episode Five: Answer by the Gibbous Moon The witchling struggles to get her bearings while getting to know a new acquaintance, who helps her understand her growing power a little better–while also bringing her face to face with some questions she is absolutely not ready to answer.

Episode Six: Dissonant Shards Can Still Cut Deep The witchling endeavors once more to return to Earth and confront the course of events. A bond is deepened, a new and deadly skill acquired–but is it too late to grow?

Episode Seven: And with Her Rode Every Evil Thing In which rivals clash, claws come out, and the shape of things to come grows sharper.

Episode Eight: Night Wind’s Iron Savor A demon catches her breath, speaks with new companions, and begins to understand why she keeps looking for some great quest.

(Note: from this episode on, the text is included beneath the audio in the episode post itself)

Episode Nine: Spring Rain Cadence The demon’s rest continues, and healing truly begins, as she faces the woman in the mirror, and at long last embraces the only cause that matters.

Episode Ten: Witch-Queen’s Repose The witch of the old ways succumbs to insomnia, and confronts the unknown in the realm she shares with the demon of her heart.

Episode Eleven: Shadows Dance on Dismal Plains The witch of the old ways and the demon of her heart seek the City, where they are granted one meeting and denied others.

Episode Twelve: Star-flung Ardor Beckons The daughter of abyssal stars makes her debut, confronting the head doll, then a shadow-demon and the consequences of his deeds.

Episode Thirteen: Saurians Bequeath Charnel Bliss The daughter of abyssal stars shares insights of carnal entropy with the shadow-demon.

Episode Fourteen: On Razor Winds I’ll Send my Kiss The daughter of abyssal stars remembers chaos, and the sisters of Metronome House finally begin to bond.

Chapter Fifteen: By Iron and By Anguish Vaulted The sisters reconvene upon a dark tower, and the daughter of abyssal stars reveals a mystery that stirs her.

Chapter Sixteen: Madness Incandescent and Free The sisters confront the death of a universe. The silverblood harlot takes the lead in a bacchanal of abyssal abandon.

Chapter Seventeen: Sisters Talks and City Walks The smallest sister finds her flame, meets the razor lady of the night, and learns a price of power.

Chapter Eighteen: To Open a Witch’s Eye The witch of the old ways begins to see that there is no past left to live in, and rave as she may, falls to the future’s threshold.

Chapter Nineteen: A Brine-Born Whore’s Grace The renewed witch embraces her horns, and learns that profound sorrow is the way of things.

Chapter Twenty: My Moonsilver Lullaby The dissonant devil contemplates her path, yet refuses to recant. The abyssal stars’ spawn remembers the fallen, and chooses deadly new sins.