Assorted Short Stories, Flash Fiction, & Lore

Hello, readers! Pretty self-explanatory page. A non-comprehensive list of various short stories, flash-fiction, and lore I’ve written. Stories first, links to various lore articles are further down. I offer these pieces to you under the same free usage and distribution policy described on the My Books page. Enjoy!~

Here’s a selection of four non-erotic short stories and flash-fiction pieces I’ve written about demons. About four thousand words total:

Here, by contrast, is a collection of smutty, slutty, luridly-pornographic short stories and flashfics I’ve written about demons. About ten thousand words total!~

I’ve written four short stories about my own demonic people, the Anshalgat Tchaelnathati. All feature at least some smut and some cosmic horror. Here’s those for you in one handy collection. Twenty thousand words–chunky!~

“Cinder’s Pavilion” is a standalone horror story, too chunky to call “short,” but not quite long enough to be a novella at 17.5k words. It follows the Harrisville Paranormal Paladins, a quintet of ghost hunters, as they pull off near the end of a long road trip to check out a bizarrely-sited, enormous restaurant: Cinder’s Pavilion. A place where the staff are weird, the decor is disorienting, and no matter how delicious the food, you can’t help but feel you’re somewhere you’re not supposed to be…

And lest I seem neglectful, here’s a pair of gothic horror-inspired smut pieces I’ve written:

Here are my three Hexenkessel smut stories, with Ermengard’s now reunited with its first half–I split them because I was irrationally afraid that the set-dressing would turn off readers–plus Kiresa: Rose and Thorns tossed in for the sake of convenience. I had Creation’s Fringe in mind when I wrote that one, but honestly, its location is pretty ambiguous, so this works too. 17,600 words in total. Juicy~ ^w^

Here’s a selection of various non-erotic cosmic horror and cosmic horror-inspired flashfics I’ve written:

My empty spaces fics are a general archive of flash-fiction and shorter short stories written for the empty spaces… movement? Community? Vibe?… which I met and joined on Twitter in Spring 2022, then left around August 2022. If you know what these are, you know why they are this way. If you don’t, well… just buckle in and enjoy the ride. Twenty-two thousand words:

Here, links to the two smut commissions I’ve written so far. First, “Simple Pleasures,” a wholesome one for my friend Queen Ethelred featuring her titular fae OC returning home to her husband Chervil and making up for lost time:

And second, one for Athena in exactly the opposite vein: “Take a Step,” a perverted little story about a depraved slut ruining her girlfriend’s recovery and reputation so she can get the hot, toxic sex she wants:

That should more than take care of you as far as stories! Now for that lore.

Loremageddon was an absolutely grueling project I put myself through in lieu of participating in NaNoWriMo 2019. Each day I wrote a minimum of one lore article, sometimes on one topic, sometimes on several, trying to avoid ever repeating the same topics. Much of this material’s still canon to the Twin Spirals Mythos, some of it’s not, but all of it should remain enjoyable. Here’s a link to an archive of links to all thirty individual posts:

And to close things out, here are links to my four favorite solo lore articles from the last few years. I’ve got tons of other stuff lying around, but… it’s just too much to tabulate it all here. You’ll have to dig out the rest yourselves. For now, give these a try and see if they leave you hungry for more.

My write-up about Cannoan Magic remains one of my favorites both for its details and the fact that it describes the common in-setting perspective. Rather than objective truth, it reflects what Canno’s mages hold to be true. I really like that:

To follow that up, here’s my revamped lore about the Grast, one of Canno’s major human cultural groups:

Next, we’ve got the absolutely wild details on the Cannoan calendar:

Then, finally, an in-universe document written by one Sevesta Perdit–a Tresar noblewoman who is definitely prim and proper, and nothing else besides, in which she manages (so, technically, I managed) to come across as Orientalist towards fantasy Germans:. It’s a beautifully, gothically overwrought piece of dramatic traveloguing. Some of the language I wrote as Sevesta makes me genuinely uncomfortable in retrospect, but… that was sort of the point. The Tresar aren’t great people. So, go in forewarned that this piece features a lot of racially-charged language: