Whiplash Writing Recommendations: the Underuse of Microcosm in Narratives

Hey folks, I’m still in recovery from Loremageddon–I may or may not pick up Fringe Elements again next week, might give myself ’til after next Saturday so as to fully recharge–but in the meantime I wanted to highlight a very simple writing principle that can do extraordinary amounts of work for you. I’d like to […]


Loremageddon 2019: The Archival Nexus

As promised, readers mine, here’s the all-encompassing post for every single Loremageddon entry completed over the past month.  In years to come I’ll establish a page which in turn organizes all these nexus-posts by year. It should make for quiet the font-reliquary, no? Anyway, I hope you all find this helpful, and that you’ve been […]