Where Have You Been, Word-Nerd?!?!

Alright, yes, a fair question! Aaagh–would you–STOP HITTING ME WITH YOUR CAPS-LOCK KEYS! (Hypocrisy, thou blowest from the north, and upon a lukewarm wind because my place of residence forgot how to winter in 2020)–so, let’s ditch the over-tangential style of 2013-2017 North and answer the title question: where have I been?

Ach, mensch, I must tell you a lengthy tale indeed! Early this past December I promised weekly episodic narratives, and seemed most enthusiastic about doing so. I seemed enthusiastic because I was enthusiastic… for the brief period spent writing those promises. Then I disappeared without a word until now. As you can see, it wasn’t one of my past flirtations with closing the blog. I certainly feared some (or all!) of you would think that, but it wasn’t the case.

So, what did happen?

I burned out in November, and was in denial when I posted my fine promises.
I needed time to parse 2019’s disappointments. Even if some were predictable, all of them hurt.
I was waiting on some possible professional developments which had to be pushed back yet again. The fault? No one’s.
I fell in love. Again.
And, most devastating of all to my blogging ambitions: I fell in love, and this time, when I confessed, I heard that most damning answer:
“I feel the same.”

If you haven’t figured it out based on the fact that this blog is named “Northborn Sword” and I frequently lapse into Gothic prosaics over the simplest things, I’m a romantic. But, I caution you, disbelieving pixel-augurs, no longer a hopeless one!

So, between burnout, the holidays, and twenty-seven and a half consecutive years of pent-up sappy, storybook, love-drunk stereotypes unleashed during a single month, I accomplished precisely none of what I promised you all I would.

Having fully recovered and internalized the past year’s events, I’m returning to active service with the International Screenwriter’s Association… well, first thing tomorrow morning! (This was posted about twenty minutes after 11PM Eastern Standard Time, for all those of you in Europe, the Ukraine, and elsewhere across the Atlantic).

So, where does that leave those promises? Well, as much as I hate to admit it, and as much as a certain Tundra-Chaplain would pulp my cranial structure with her polehammer for this pun–it leaves them cold.

You see, I’ve started work on book two of my quartet about Gratai Lin: The Necromancer and the Reaping Spear. If you’re just here on the blog for my writing advice or free stories, I understand both the aforementioned approaches–both those things are rare. Yet, without demeaning any of you, and I need to reiterate again that those few likes from the same Old Guard readers are everything to me when it comes to the blog… my novels have to come first.

I really do love Peregrine and Washi, and Cadence and Thlibnarinc and Appy, as characters. I do want to finish those stories, really! But the episodic posts leave too many doubts and impose too many restrictions for me to develop the same attachment to them that I have for Gratai–

(Spoilers are below the break, if only by character names, for the Necromancer and the Revenant)

–and Syla, Alwain, Kiresa and Ilo, Enner and Divari. And, admittedly, though the first book made only a pittance from friends and family (not to demean those contributions, I just can’t live on them–if positive sentiments were money, I’d be this planet’s first trillionaire!)… despite that disappointment, the first book made something. And a full book, well, as much as I can argue that I’ve done ample work on my blog over the years, as much as I can cite word-counts and time invested and how much I care: a full novel of 168,000+ words drives all those concepts home far better than one or even a dozen blog posts ever can.

In my perfect world, I’d be a millionaire by now, and I’d just retweet or plug the International Screenwriters’ Association from my monolith, 50+ million follower Twitter account, and I’d hunt for your names as the privileged elite–my first followers, my true fans–among the multitudinous likes and comments below this post. But we don’t live in that world, and I have to cover rent and utilities and food, and so my paid work leaves me only enough time to prioritize the most vital projects.

For now, those are my novels.

So, while I hope to return soon in the grand scheme of things, for now I have to tell you all, once more, that I’m retreating. I’ll update this blog with tidbits and morsels as often as I can, I promise! But as for those episodic stories, I must slide them to the backburner for now and sigh.

Take care, all of you! I will return! When, that is, I can afford it at last–in every sense of the phrase.


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