Happy Pride 2020–Black Lives Matter!

Hello, readers mine. I’ll keep this brief–I’ve been trying not to write too much here for the last few weeks so as to avoid injecting another white voice into a conversation where, rightly, I should serve mostly as a signal booster.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, however, and as a trans woman I would be remiss not to have at least one post paying tribute to it. My voice is actually relevant to Pride Month, after all! Therefore, I will simply say that Black Lives Matter. If any among you have any problems with that statement or my support of the movement, you are invited to leave my blog and never return.

Now then, I encourage you to donate and seek out black voices rather than listening to your local jar of mayonnaise prattle on. Since I do have your attention for the moment, though, I humbly request that you donate to the Trevor Project (www.thetrevorproject.org). They provide suicide prevention services and other support to black LGBTQ+ youth–vital work, and always in need of more funding.

For my part, I will make donations as well, and half of all my own proceeds for the month of June will go directly to the Trevor Project. I would rather not belabor this point further, and won’t be posting any links to my writing. That doesn’t seem appropriate in light of larger issues. Again, please, donate to www.thetrevorproject.org.

I’ll say it once more: Black Lives Matter. If you’re fighting the good fight on the front lines proper, stay safe out there. If you’re not a direct part of the protests, then remember that every little thing you can do to help is so, so much better than quietly wringing your hands. As a starting point for resources, places to donate, and ways to educate yourself, please visit blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#

I believe that’s enough out of me for the time being. Take care, readers mine.


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