Sword of the Outsider Free until Jan. 1st!

Hi readers! Nothing much to say besides the obvious–I’ve enrolled Sword of the Outsider in the Smashwords end of year sale for 100% off until the sale ends this January 1st! Now, as far as I know, this applies only to copies bought directly through Smashwords. I’d happily apply the same discount elsewhere, but so far this is the only site that’s notified me directly about this stuff and doesn’t seem to require me to go through any major hoops to qualify.

Anyway, you can find the link to take advantage right here:


As to why I’m doing this? Well, I’m just hoping to see a few more people out there who’ve read the book and will recommend it to their friends. And yes, I’m hoping that groundswell will lead to more people buying copies in the months to come. I’m afraid my motives are entirely mercenary, dear readers–regrettably, I have not yet transcended the limits of flesh and taxes, so I still need to get paid.

Otherwise, please check out my big 2021 retrospective if you haven’t already! It’s both the perfect place to catch up on any of my works from this past year that you’ve had to miss up to now–including many which will be free forever–and a great post to toss at any of your friends if you’re trying to get them into my writing, but don’t know how to start.

Now then, I do believe this should be the last you hear of me here on the blog until after New Years’. Much love, happy reading, and Happy Holidays!

Yours Truly,


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